Text Box: Our experienced team of Engineering professionals has a vast background in industrial, commercial, and institutional fields.  Our implementation of evolving fields and new technologies in developing design of buildings and structures, or the evaluation of existing buildings and other structures and conditions with recommendations and restoration solutions.  Our knowledge extends to the application of engineering and management practices in industrial settings where processes are commonly evaluated for new or improved revenue potential.






Text Box: Architectural
Facility Layout - Buildings, road, parking lots, and operational structure layout for optimum use of site.
Master Planning & Developments - Planning for current operation and designing in potential growth thus reducing future costs of expansions.
Conceptual Design - Functionality and utilization are the main keys to s successful design.  Trying to work with and use a facility designed around a visual pleasing yet impractical design will hamper the whole purpose of the design
Emergency Preparedness - having a plan and executing that plan in a crises situation is not just for First Responders.  Every business needs to plan for emergencies and the recovery process.
Use/Redevelopment Analysis - analyzing where existing and future development opportunities exist and how to get there.
Property Asset Utilization - evaluating your physical asset usage and value to your operation currently and for your future expansion, contraction or relocation.
Intelligent Transportation - transportation is more than just moving people, freight and materials make up the bulk of transportation use.  Intelligent freight transportation is not only environmentally friendly, economically stimulating, but also saves cost of production.
Materials Tracking & Storage - Smart systems utilizing GPS, RFD, bar coding, etc. can be a great benefit to business, but only if they are implemented correctly.
Just-In-Time & Sequencing - Smart production utilizing a pull rather than push production model can be very beneficial to cost savings efforts as long as you stay flexible with your tight timing of production.
Site Planning - Building, road, parking lot, and operational structure layout for optimum use of site.
Site Layout & Utilities - Building layout, site grading, parking lot and road layout, site drainage, utilities connections for gas, water, sanitary, and storm sewer, and other utility routings.
Pavement & Drainage Design - Pavement design to meet ASSHTO standards.  Street, road, and parking lot pavement design and drainage design for storm water sewers, retention ponds and swales.
Instrument & Control - Calibration, PLC programming, systems integration, ladder logic, control panel design, P&ID, data line design, and graphical control screen design.
Power Systems - Motor control centers, power trays, protective relaying, fuse coordination, power quality issues, 0 to 69 KV substation design, utility quality power metering systems, lighting systems, power utilization and system analysis.
Process & Utility Piping - Layout and design of all process piping with various types of pipe materials.  Layout and design of facility piping for utilities for general plant use.
HVAC - Sizing, layout, controls, and design of HVAC systems for facilities, work areas, hazardous areas, and climate control areas.  This includes HVAC systems for cleanroom environments.
Material Handling Systems - Layouts and designs for various types of material handling systems, including pneumatic conveying, gravity, driven belt, feeders, equipment stack ups, and storage silos.  Total system design to transfer bulk materials, liquids, packaged products, and work in process items.
Steel, Concrete, Masonry Structures - Design of steel, concrete, masonry buildings and structures, and the remodeling and restoration of existing buildings and structures.  Overhead, gantry, and jib crane system designs.  Steel and concrete support structures for roof mounted equipment, electrical power supports, manufacturing equipment, and safety designs.
Foundations & Retaining Structures - Design of building spread footings and wall footings, structural 1 & 2 way slabs, mat foundations, piles and caissons, equipment foundations and pits, retaining walls, and containment systems.
Structural Evaluation - Evaluate existing buildings, and other structures and conditions with recommendations and restoration solutions.
Coaxial Mapping & Design - Efficient routing and design for HFC and RF system outside plant utilization for maximum Return On Investment on hard-line extensions, overbuilds and commercial / residential service drops
Fiber Routing & Design - Efficient routing and design for optical deployment for Headend interconnects, node architecture, node splitting (mini-nodes) and fiber to the premise (FTTP).
Construction QC/QA - Quality is vital to system performance and product capability.  Assurance of quality construction and corrective actions ensures a smooth functioning HFC system with less maintenance and high levels of customer satisfaction.
Equipment Layout - Efficient layouts of process or manufacturing lines with regards to staging raw material inventory, process and work flow, work in progress and subassembly issues, production cycles, WIP accumulation and buffer design, staging finished product, ergonomics and safety issues.
Equipment Install / Relocation - Planning and scheduling bank builds for moves.  Plan and design move methods for critical and oversized equipment.  Develop contingency plans for catastrophes and unforeseen problems.  Develop, bid, and manage rigging and moving contracts.
Facility Logistics - Facility layout for inventory for all process flows involving storing & staging raw material inventory, work in progress & buffer inventories, subassembly inventories, and staging & storage of finished product.  Facility layout for shipping and receiving. 
Permitting & Compliance - Existing or New Emission Equipment, Storm Water Management Plans and Design, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans (SPCC).
Wetlands Delineation Studies - Define the history and characteristics of the property using county soil surveys, aerial photographs, and historical maps.  Evaluate the site hydrology, soils and vegetation, and prepare a report that presents the secondary information, results of the field evaluation, and wetlands delineation map.
Benchmark Engineering Group, Inc. pulls together any or all engineering and design services to provide clients with a cohesive design team.  These may include client's staff, client preferred specialty vendors, recommended vendors and contractors.  Benchmark's staff, all working toward the common objectives of the project under a single project focal point.


Text Box: Engineering Design









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