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Benchmark utilizes its breadth and depth of knowledge from health care and institutional industry as well as from technology transfers from other advanced technical industries to plan facility projects to ensure long-term return on projects.  These projects also require a different set of skills and industry knowledge not inherent to normal facility operations.  Benchmark provides this knowledge and works with the existing facility management staff resulting in better-planned and more flexible facilities that will provide the return on investment as well as save costs in the future.
As the medical industry goes through many technical advancements in medicine and treatments, the industry is finding a need for better and safer patient care technology.  Hospitals have recognized the need for better and safer patient moving, in fact many Hospitalís Health and Safety Dept. indicated that over 50% of the Hospitalís employee injuries are caused during patient moving.
 Hospital Environment Clean Construction (HECC) 
Safe Patient Lifting In-room Transfer System (SPLITS) 

Capital Project Coordination

Facility Planning & Support
 Many Health Care Organizations and Institutions have economically streamlined their management and staffing to concentrate on medical procedures and departmental profit centers.  In the health care and institutional fields, the Facilities are not planned out, but rather are built or modified according to the new advancements in the medical or institutional procedures.  Unfortunately, since facilities are the largest expense in both health care and institutional organizations, this planning is critical to ensure the maximum benefits to the organization.  
Campus Master Planning
Athletic Facilities

For the Students, Alumni & Community pride & Success of THEIR School Matters.  Whether you have a great athletic program or an up and coming program, High Schools are learning what colleges know; good athletic programs and facilities breed success and pride that is reflected throughout the entire school and community.  this often acts as a catalysis for alumni and community philanthropy to benefit the entire educational system.  Additional studies have shown that quality of facilities both athletic and academic have a direct effect on enrolment at education institutions at both the College and High School level.












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Text Box: Healthcare involves some of the most advanced technical procedures and research that takes place in facilities that do not support these operations very well.  Aesthetics and constant renovations have reduced the functionality of most Healthcare facilities.
Benchmark concentrates on functionality and technology transfers from other industries to provide advanced facilities to match the advanced medical technologies.