Text Box: Project Team Selection
Massive programs for developing new facilities or infrastructures are never accomplished by one group or individual.  Many different expertise and resources as well as liaisons with other organizations or government agencies are required.  However, all of this interaction must be coordinated by a single focal point.  Benchmark is that point by providing the experience on coordinating and managing massive programs that involve dealing with local multiple municipal governments, federal agencies such as the EPA, Corps of Engineers, NRC,  DOT, FEMA, state agencies, local historical societies, professional organizations, multiple engineering and design groups, multiple contractors, multiple developers and real estate groups.  Benchmark provides owners representation services for large capital programs.  We provide the interface we maintain between the operations, engineering, sales/marketing and construction and the owner for the duration of the program.
Project Delivery Method & Contracts
Develop the documentation necessary to define the scope of responsibilities, set guidelines, direct the schedule, define legalities and maintain control of all aspects.  Manage contracts during the construction phases, approve schedule payments, issue status reports, maintain and document all communications and issues, verify and approve change orders, and maintain work, schedules, and procedures per the signed contract agreement.
Communication Coordination
Communication is vital to the success of any undertaking.  The ability to organize and coordinate all the members of a project is vital to the success of the project goals.  A well defined communication system implemented separate from operations to ensure clear and concise communication of Program related issues.  This includes areas of responsibility and identified decision makers for each area as well as providing clear and easy communication means to let the information flow to the people that need to use the information.
Project Fulfillment
All projects must come to an end.  The success of a project is not when it is over, but rather did it accomplish your goals and timeframes.  All forest fires eventually go out.  If your projects are just a combination of fires to be put out, you will not get your fulfillment of the goals of the project.  Fulfillment starts with setting correct goals, managing the project to achieve the goals and preventing fires from starting in order to fulfill all the goals physically, timely and financially.
Independent 3rd Party Oversight
Benchmark provides project management that acts as the owner's representative to ensure project planning, execution, and fulfillment of the project per the contractual obligations of both parties (owner and contractor).  The Project Management advantages are:
Not effected by inter-company "politics" or relationships 
Can be capitalized to the cost of the project 
Does not have any conflicts of interest with project construction activities and associated costs 
The PM cost ends when the project is over, no resources to find another place for. 
Additional resources can be immediately added or deducted as necessary 
Text Box: Most companies and organizations have streamlined their personnel to the minimum staffing requirements to run their normal operations.  There is neither need nor budget for dedicated internal personnel with the knowledge and experience for project or construction management on projects that are not done everyday.  Benchmark provides the necessary knowledge and experience that understands the intricacies and industry processes to successfully coordinate, manage and complete the capital and "special" projects that are outside of everyday operations.







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