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Text Box: Benchmark Engineering Group Inc. was formed in 1993, with partners Dave Wallace and Gary Cooper and first employee, Tim O'Brien.  But its method of operations and underlying philosophy date back to Benchmark Technologies Corporation originally founded by Wallace and Cooper back in 1979.  Benchmark Engineering Group, Inc. was created with the reuniting of the two of the founders of Benchmark Technologies Corp. in order to focus on engineering, design, and project management.
1993 - Benchmark started by providing Project Management in the automotive industry.  Planning and managing multi million dollar assembly line equipment outages with tight deadlines and precise tolerances for quality.  Upon demonstrating the ability to complete the outages and beating the schedule getting production on line and product out the door for clients.
1994 - Benchmark integrated our proactive, driving project management style into the municipal and governmental processes.  The result was that a stalled project that was about to fall apart and have another Fortune 500 company leave the city, was turned around and the $300 million world headquarters for Owens Corning was built in downtown Toledo and completed ahead of schedule.  
1995 - Other success followed as other stalled City projects were evaluated, planned and completed on time and under budget.  This lead to Benchmark thinking out of the box to design a site for a new assembly plant when everyone else said it could not be done.  As a result, there is a new $1.2 billion Chrysler Jeep assembly plant in Toledo.
1996 - Benchmark carved this management philosophy into the Broadband industry.  Managing large projects that have time frames directly related to revenue generation.
1997 - While advancing in the telecommunications industry, Benchmark continued to apply its project management style into other industries such as glass, steel, semiconductor, quarry and mining, and food.  Planning and completing projects on time and under budget.
1998 - Benchmark proved to be a major Broadband consultant providing project management for over $800 million of Broadband upgrades and rebuilds for Buckeye CableSystem, AT&T, and Charter, and on each and every project, the mileage goals were exceeding.
1999 - As crunch time neared, Benchmark was called in to plan and execute the city's Y2K compliance.  The New Year passes silently for the City of Toledo due to Benchmark's project management.
2000 - Benchmark breaks out on the frontier of business High Speed Data (HSD) for AT&T Broadband in 5 major markets of Miami, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Denver and Jacksonville spear heading the launch of new high margin business service HSD.
2001 - While still maintaining a significant Broadband/telecommunications role, Benchmark exhibited its diversity through major projects in environmental, structural, and mechanical design projects.
2002 - Through the economic decline, Benchmark maintained through developing projects with real ROI and engineering safety into industrial processes.  In the lean year, Benchmark's concepts, designs and bid documents resulted in well defined and competitive contractor bidding for our client's projects with price variances of 2% - 3%.  A $100,000 project was awarded with just $5 difference in bids.
2003 - Benchmark has maintained its reputation for fixing broken projects and getting customers back on track and has moved forward in developing revenue generation projects for the telecommunication and industrial areas.
2004 - Tim O'Brien spearheaded our government services by joining the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in  Pennsylvania in response to the extensive flooding caused by hurricane Ivan
2005 - We expanded our Commercial High Speed Internet Proactive Surveying services for Comcast in Chicago, surveying over 13,000 businesses in the western suburbs.  Then, on September 29, Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, flooding New Orleans.  Again, Tim O'Brien responded to FEMA in response to the disaster.  Tim helped develop a new FEMA PA housing program, spearheaded temporary housing for schools and universities cumulating in a front page USA Today article on how the universities were able to reopen with over 66% of students returning in January 2007.
2006 - Tim O'Brien & Dale Leisenheimer rekindled their old high school alma matter with a conceptual design and master plan for Central Catholic High School's construction of a new varsity athletic stadium.  Then, Tim O'Brien once again responded to FEMA in New Orleans to return and clean up the eligibility and grants request funding on some complicated, large-scale projects in order to get approval and construction underway.
2007 - 
2008 - Celebrating the first 15 years of business for Benchmark Engineering Group, Inc. through the roller coaster ride of industries expansions and contractions, automotive woes, high commodity prices, and telecom slowdowns.  throughout the ups and downs, Benchmark has averaged 15 full time employees, just over $2 million per year in revenues and has been responsible for over $20 million in projects each year.  During the current year, Benchmark has been focusing on the many relocation and consolidation projects occurring all across the automotive industry.

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